Integrated Productivity Tools (IPT) is a WordPress Development and Website Design company. We are based in Hamilton, Ontario with clients across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and beyond. IPT’s mission is to turn company websites into business winning engines. We do so through optimized functionality seamlessly integrated with front-end design. By eliminating barriers to customers and visitors taking action to get the things they want, your business increases the odds that both will complete the transactions that you find desirable.

Our customers are typically small businesses ranging from the solo self-employed contract professional to small partnerships or micro-businesses of ten or fewer employees.

We believe that plugins and a good design theme is the starting point for a great website. But a unique value proposition delivered through a website translates into custom design and functionality. IPT would like to see more companies recognize that delivering the best online experience is an investment that yields worthwhile returns.

Steps to next level WP site

Next Level WP

A service for WordPress site owners who have reached the limit of do-it-yourself and need an expert to take the next step or fix a nagging issue.
Thermometer and digital icons representing web health check.

Website Health Check

Get a detailed report on the condition of your website. Get some options and be informed so you can make the best decisions.