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Hello and welcome.

Who am I and what is this blog ?

My name is Peter Schwarz, and I am the owner of Integrated Productivity Tools (henceforth ā€“ IPT) and host for this blog. The blog is intended to do three things:

  1. Make announcements regarding IPT products and other company news.
  2. Provide self-help resources for IPT customers or anyone else in the WordPress community.
  3. Discuss topics in the sphere of open data and open source software.

My personal IT expertise originated in the realm of Geographic Information Systems, and my first attempt at a WordPress plugin was for mapping. Therefore interspersed you can find topics related to web mapping or the representation of geographic data in digital formats.

What are the blog rules ?

Iā€™m not interested in laying out a long list of rules. I encourage frank, open dialog among adults and will try to give the benefit of the doubt to language or tone. That being said, I reserve the right to issue warnings or delete comments outright (with or without prior warning).

Currently registration is not required, but you will need to provide a name (pseudonyms are fine) and an email.


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