You need to get a website online – quickly. You don’t know how to do it or you think you’re up to the job but just can’t take the time. And there’s only $500 in the budget – not enough for a genuinely custom website. But you don’t need custom built – you just need something reflecting a modern design, with your name, products and contact information.

Coming Soon !

IPT is creating a business ready line of fixed-price, pre-designed websites for the fixed-price budget. Built for the individual or small business seeking a modern styled, functionally fit-for-purpose website, business ready website models deliver:

  1. Credibility for the individual or the business through a web presence.
  2. A technologically robust, easy to maintain and expand website.
  3. A rapid, predictable build time – be online in as little as 2 days!
  4. Displays equally well on desktop, tablet or phone – adapts interface and layout to match screen and device.
  5. Search engine, Google friendly. Most important meta tags populated, structured to allow Google to find the most relevant content easily, optimized to pass speed tests and all designs mobile responsive.
  6. A starter website that is infinitely upgradable. Use the pre-built design for as long as its useful – or start customizing at any point.

Skip the Design

Substitute your content and images within the pre-designed website template.