IPT prefers to develop fixed-price, off the shelf software or solutions. However we recognize that not every problem can be addressed by application of a standard solution. IPT therefore offers Custom WordPress Development solutions.

Website Solutions

The more unique your business proposition is or the more ambitious the challenge you want to undertake, the less likely your goals can be achieved simply through the installation and configuration of the standard array of plugins. At this point you may need to leave the comfort zone of standard implementations and begin to explore custom solutions. These may take the (non-exclusive) form of :

  • Site specific plugin creation.
  • Theme customization (through child themes or building your own from the ground up).
  • Implementing non-standard plugin or core WordPress configurations.
  • Custom server, database or file configurations.

Other circumstances when you may encounter the need for custom website solutions:

  1. Resolve conflicts among plugins or between theme and plugin.
  2. Identify and fix security and performance issues.
  3. Resolve an error condition on the website.
  4. A large site migration, especially across platforms.

Large Build Websites

Websites can be technically undemanding and still be a big job. Projects can become a significant workload through:

  • Addition of many unique pages.
  • Complex formatting.
  • Import from other sites, especially from another platform.
  • Large quantity of media uploads, including size and presentation optimization and tagging for accessibility and SEO.

Even where complex technology integration is not required, at some point sheer scale mandates a formal, planned approach if anything like predictable timelines and adherence to quality is to be expected.


IPT started its WordPress career in plugins. IPT is still ready to contribute towards plugin development:

  1. Create or update a site specific plugin.
  2. Collaborate in a general distribution plugin.
  3. Customize a WordPress repository or premium plugin for a specific use case.