Ecommerce Starter Package

Integrated Productivity Tools has created an ecommerce starter package for the business that is eager to start selling its products online. The starter package results in a fully operational store ready to take orders, built quickly at a fixed price.

Who is the starter package for ?

This service is recommended for the business or individual which:

  • Has one or many products ready to sell right now.
  • Is offering products that can be downloaded (digital), shipped (physical) or picked up from a designated location.
  • Prioritizes becoming operational quickly with the ability to receive and fulfill orders ASAP.
  • Has a first year target revenue of at least $20 000.
  • Is US or Canadian based.
  • Values purchasing defined services at a known price.

For more info – dowload our brochures.

Download an overview of how it works and what yout get.

Download service package details.