Download Map Posts Free Beta v1

IPT is offering an early release version of the company’s WordPress plugin, Map Posts. This product is still in development and intended for early adopters and technology enthusiasts who would like an opportunity to evaluate the plugin. It is not intended for installation on a production website. For a list of features and a release schedule, see the article Location Mapping on WordPress.

As an early release, still in development software, please note the following limitations:

    1. No data validation of map configuration – all configuration fields will accept any value up to the maximum number of characters allowed.
    2. Does not handle invalid address geocoding results – if no results found co-ordinates will be set to non-numeric values.
    3. Uninstall does not include deleting map configuration metadata associated with individual posts. For instructions on how to do so manually, or how to modify the uninstall script to delete metadata, see below.
    4. Addresses are expected as a single line, with address components separated by comments: e.g. 175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    5. Co-ordinates are in decimal degrees Latitude and Longitude with the following ranges (up to any number of decimal places to within limits of form character limit):
      1. Latitude: -90.0 to 90.0
      2. Longitude: -180.0 to 180.0
    6. Map width is expressed as a percentage and should be a value between 10 – 100.
    7. Map height is in pixels. It can be any positive integer value (a minimum of 100 is recommended).

Contact IPT to get the plugin.

Security Compliance

Map Posts is intended to be compliant with standards advocated by and fully compliant with security requirements. The current download has the following security implemented:

  • Code execution is prevented if an active WordPress installation is not detected.
  • User role and login status is verified before configuration changes are allowed (only admins can install or uninstall the plugin; users must be at least Contributors to add, configure or modify maps).
  • Configuration inputs are sanitized prior to saving to database.



Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Map Posts zip file.
  2. Extract all from a the zip file.
  3. In your WordPress website installation navigate to the folder <WordPress_Installation_Root_Folder>/wp-content/plugins
  4. Copy and paste the plugin folder named ipt-map-posts-free and all its contents directly in the /plugins folder
Image of WordPress folder structure and plugin install location.
WordPress plugin installation location.
  1. In the WordPress dashboard go to Plugins and click the Activation button.
Activate the plugin from the dashboard.
Activate the plugin from the dashboard.


How to Insert a Map

Map Posts is fully usable upon activation. To associate post with a location and insert a map, edit an existing or create a new post and:

  1. In the post editor, scroll down until you see the Define Map configuration panel.
  2. If necessary, expand the panel.

Default map configuration.

  1. Define a post location – either type in an address or update the latitude and longitude directly.
  2. Update the post (save changes).
  3. Verify the location looks correct in the preview map (NOTE: The preview map is always the same size; only the map inserted in the post uses the configured width and height values).
Post Map configured with address and custom zoom.
Location defined by address geocoding.
  1. In the post content area, position the cursor wherever you would like to insert the map and click the Insert Post Map button.
Click button to insert map.
Click button to insert map.
  1. A shortcode is added. Continue to add additional content as needed in the normal way.
Map shortcode inserted in post.
Map shortcode inserted in post.
  1. Publish the post or view it in preview mode.
Map as viewed in a published post.
Map as viewed in a published post.

Get the Plugin

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