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Receive a consultation to assess your website on 20 checkpoints. The service includes a deep dive into any one issue identified as a major pain point. You will get a report on how you score, highlighting the areas that are of most concern and a root cause analysis of your identified pain point.


+ HST/GST = $226 at 13%

How It Works

1 Complete the form providing basic information describing your website’s business purpose.
2 In the form identify one specific issue you would like addressed.
3 IPT will contact you about scheduling a consultation.
4 If you purchase the service, IPT will test your system on 20 important website health areas and investigate your identified pain point to find a root cause.
5 When concluded you will receive a report with scores for your website health; the results of the investigation into the issue of concern identified by you; and recommendations for remedial action.

Website Health Check Benefits

1 Knowledge of your strongest and weakest points in obtaining your business goals from your website.
2 Discover what you don’t know – whether an unknown risk or an unrealized opportunity.
3 Identify low-risk actions you can take yourself to improve your website.
4 Price estimates to have someone else do it for you.
5 Gain knowledge and potential courses of action for your highest priority issue