Next Level WP

IPT has created the Next Level WP website update service for the small to micro-sized business that is ready to graduate to a stylistically up-to-date, business winning platform.

Next Level WP is a service for upgrading existing did-it-yourself websites that have reached the limit in what non-professional development can achieve. It renovates the look and feel so that the site reflects modern 2023 design trends. Ecommerce, social media, security, metrics tracking and other advanced functionality is rapidly implemented by selecting from a list of vetted, industry-proven plugins. By using a validated, standardized process broken into steps and modular implementations, the customer can know what they are getting, for how much. All work is done on a clone of the original site, limiting risk and down time.

Next Level WP infographic outlining process.
1. Consultation

Free 1-hour consultation from which IPT will prepare a proposal to take your site to the Next Level.

2. Site Assessment

Assess site to determine current status and establish a baseline.

3. Design

Page, menu and site structure designed and approved.

4. Backup and Staging

File and database backups created. A development staging site is cloned to protect the live site.

5. Theme Selection

With all functional elements in place, themes are evaluated and one chosen. Minor style tweaks applied.

6. Build

Plugins are configured; pages are built or updated; old clutter removed.

7. Test and Go Live

With all updates in place, staging site is tested. Live site is updated only when all changes validated.